From 1977 to 1995 the Sarnia Walking Club had an annual 10 mile match in Guernsey against the Royal Air Force. Other teams and guests also raced during this period. Photo below with pre race line up featuring teams from SWC, RAF, Mount Pleasant Post Office and individual guests.

Various Guernsey race walking articles written over the years. First profiles on Mens Club Champions from 1964 to 2005

First Womens profiles added

European Friendship 20 kms 1977 in Chelmsford (follow the link for story)

1977 SWC team at Euro Friendship 20kms Dave Dorey, Len Bretel, Rob Elliott and Mick Perrio

SWC v Newham 1976 report bottom of page

References to winning “Garnet” 10 miles 1967 team in profiles.

Duquemin 97, Moullin 98, Dorey 111, Waterman 108. These four went on to represent Guernsey in future Commonwealth Games walks over 20 miles.











Many of those profiled were also part of the teams that raced over the years at the popular Chippenham to Calne 6 miles Open Road Walk held in the West of England, over a hilly course.

Sarnia Walking Club were winners in 1974 through Mick Elliott (7th) 46.18, Rob Waterman (8th) 47.01, Andy Le Heron (11th) 47.21 and Dave Dorey (15th) 48.09.

Chippenham 1974 team

1974 team. (Left to right) Mick Elliott, Dave Johnson, Mick Le Sauvage, Len Bretel, Rob Waterman, Andy Le Heron and Keith Matthews. Dave Dorey not present for photo.

SWC had finished third the year before, with Guernseymen Len Duquemin and John Moullin helping Belgrave Harriers to a team win. There was less than a minute separating 5 Guernsey walkers as Duquemin finished 12th in 45.49, Moullin 13th in 45.52, Rob Waterman 14th in 45.57, Andy Le Heron 15th in 46.39 and Mick Elliott 16th in 46.44!

In 1975 the SWC claimed second place in the team competition. Team photo prior to race. (left to right) Mick Perrio, Dave Dorey, Len Bretel, Mick Elliott, Keith Matthews and Dave Johnson.

1975 Chippenham team


December 1976

Sarnia WC v Newham AC  10 kms Sandy Hook to White Rock, Guernsey

Newham won a close match providing the first two walkers across the line, with Mike Scamell winning by 10 seconds from Geoff Robinson.

After 2 kilometres a group of 5 had broken away, Scamell, Robinson and Sheppard from Newham and locals Rob Elliott and Andy Le Heron. At half way Scamell and Robinson were battling for first place with Sheppard 11 seconds behind. Elliott was walking steadily a further 5 seconds down and had a chance of splitting the leading trio. When all scorers had gone past the 5 kms point the team scores were level. Rob Elliott moved into third in the sixth kilometre, but team mate Steven Kendal retired, leaving the team match in the balance with Newham eventually taking the win by three points.

1 M Scamell (Newham) 47.41

2 G Robinson (Newham) 47.51

3 R Elliott (SWC A) 48.36

4 D Sheppard (Newham ) 49.23

5 A Le Heron (SWC A) 50.06

6 Mick Elliott (SWC A) 51.05

7 M Perrio (SWC B) 53.34

8 L Bretel (SWC A) 53.52

9 K Le Noury (SWC A) 55.49

10 D Dorey (SWC C) 57.12

11 J Briscoe (SWC B) 58.14

12 R Sheppard (Newham) 58.19

13 P Ingrouille (SWC C) 58.32

14 M Le Sauvage (SWC B) 59.33

15 D Johnson (SWC B) 60.59

16 G Greening (SWC C) 63.04

17 Mark Elliott (SWC C) 66.59

18 R Palmer (Newham) 67.05

DNF S Kendal (SWC A)

2 Responses to Introduction

  1. Mike Scamell says:

    Happy memories! We were made really welcome when we visited Guernsey. These days, I do most of my training at LA Fitness in the gym, but I still do the occasional race from time to time. Wish I could still do 47.41 for 10km….
    My very best wishes to anyone who remembers me!

  2. walkguernsey says:

    Hi Mike
    Good to have a few comments from a long time ago!
    I remember a lot about the past re racewalking. Denis Sheppard came to Guernsey about 5 years ago to walk the Church walk. Met Roy S for the first time in many a year in Spain in 2006 at Walk Champs. He hasn`t changed a bit.
    Will pass on your best wishes and send you an expanded response to your e mail soon.

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